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What's the deal?

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The Bird is a New York style bar & kitchen opened at the end of April 2011 in Hamburg. We believe in serving the finest burgers and steaks possible by using all fresh ingredients.

Our steaks come from corn and grain-fed Black Angus Premium American Beef. The meat has been dry aged for a period of thirty days making the beef more tender and concentrating the flavor.

Our burger meat is freshly ground daily from German beef, making the flavor of the burger irresistable, as long as you do not kill it by ordering well done. Our fries are hand cut from fresh potatoes daily as well. All of our sauces, salads and cheesecake are home made.

With all the fresh ingredients available, why would we mess around with can-openers and frozen fries?? What you will get is a freshly made meal that will leave you satisfied, and us happy that you came! 

To wash down your meal, we have beers from California, Mexico, Germany and Belgium, or nice Irish cider. We also serve wines from Spain and Argentina. If you want something a bit stronger, you can enjoy our extensive bourbon, tequila and rum collection. If you arrive between 17-19h, you should take advantage of our Angry Hour Special, buy one beer get one free, buy one get one house shot and Napalm wings for 50 cents! You must be at the bar in order to get this hook up though.

So Yo! If you are a burger fan in Hamburg, you won't know what you are missing until you do!

Opening hours

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:  17–22:00h
Friday & Saturday:  17–22:30h
Sunday:  17–22:00h


Where we at?

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The Bird is located in the heart of the kiez in St.Pauli near Hein Köllisch Platz, just a stone's throw away from either the Reeperbahn or the Elbe. We recommend stopping by The Bird to fill up on some 'real' food before heading out to tear it up in St.Pauli's legendary night life scene!

Trommelstr 4, St Pauli, 20359 Hamburg
(S Reeperbahn)



Burgers  /  Steaks  /  Starters  /  Salads  /  Sandwiches  /  Dessert

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 Fat New York Burgers

All burgers are served on an English muffin with our hand-cut fries, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickle.

The patties are made from 250+ grams of premium German beef. The quality is high enough that other places would serve it as steak, but here it goes through our grinder every day to become the best burger this side of the Atlantic.

Burgers from the griddle:

Da Birdhouse — 16.00 €
Our house burger has two patties, American cheese 1, bacon 2, fried onion, ketchup, mustard and pickles. It’s a greasy bird, but tastes like heaven. 

The Big Crack — 16.00 €
Double-decker burger with American cheese1, red onion, lettuce, pickles and our own secret ‘crack’ sauce. 

Veggie Burgers:

Black Bean and Nopales Veggie Burger — 14.50 €  V
Black Bean and Nopales patty with your choice of cheese. 

Veggie Beyond Burger — 15.50 €  V
With cheese of your choice. 

Veggie Chicken Deluxe Sandwich — 15.50 €  V
With salad, tomato, Cheddar1 and Chipotle Mayo. 

Burgers from the Grill:
Also available as veggie Beyond Burger.

Ghetto Burger — 14.50 €
Plain burger.

Ghetto Deluxe — 15.50 €
American cheese.

The Dumb Texan — 15.50 €
With a fried egg.

The Jack — 16.00 €
Dripping with blue cheese dressing.

The Flaming Roger — 15.50 €
Swiss cheese.

Cheddar Burger — 15.50 €
Cheddar cheese.

Breakfast Burger — 16.50 €
Bacon1,2 and egg.

Patty Melt — 16.00 €
On grilled rye with onions, American and Swiss cheese.

Bronx Jon — 16.50 €
Swiss cheese and mushrooms.

The Drunk Ghetto — 17.00 €
Ghetto burger with onions and a shot of Vodka.

The Fat Stingy Gonzales — 16.50 €
Guacamole and homemade Salsa Verde.

The Filthy Harry — 16.50 €
Bacon1,2 and Cheddar.

BBQ Burger — 17.00 €
The Harry with BBQ Sauce.

The Dr. Zian — 17.00 €
Bacon1,2 and Blue Stilton cheese.

The Big Rock — 17.50 €
Swiss, bacon1,2, jalapenos and homemade Salsa Verde

Da Woiks — 17.50 € Choice of cheese, bacon1,2, onion, mushrooms.

The Steaks

All steaks are served with sautéed spinach and hand-cut fries.

Slowly but surely the beef is getting better and better in Germany. We will stay on top of it and always purchase the best meat available. At the moment it is corn and grain-fed Black Angus Premium American Beef. The meat has been dry aged for a period of 30 days, making the beef more tender and concentrated in flavor.

Sirloin comes from the hip. It is tender but nearly fat free and a bit drier.
Standard cut (300g)  /  Perfect cut (500g)  —   29.50 €  /  47.50 €

Flank Steak.
Flank Steak is cut from the belly muscle. Roughly 1.5 – 2 cm thick. This steak is slighty fatty, juicy and tender until medium. After medium this steak becomes tougher than a coffin nail.
Standard cut (250g)  /  Perfect cut (400g)  —   29.50 €  /  47.50 €

New York Strip.
New York Strip a.k.a. the big side of the t-bone. Fattier than a filet, leaner than a rib.
Standard cut (400g)  /  Perfect cut (500g)  —   42.50 €  /  52.50 €

Ribeye Steak.
Cut from the back under the rib. By far the steak with the most flavor.  Tender and juicy due to the serious marbling and fat content.  The cook’s favorite.
Standard cut (400g)  /  Perfect cut (500g)  —   47.50 €  /  57.50 €

The American filet has a nice amount of marbling giving it flavor that other filets do not have. Very tender if eaten medium rare, very juicy.  This steak should not and will not be cooked more than medium.
Standard cut (250g)  /  Perfect cut (400g)  —   45.50 €  /  69.50 €

    General info about ordering and eating a good steak:

  • Fat means flavor! Fattier cuts  =  more taste in the meat and a juicier steak.
  • Bigger steaks are better, thin steaks are not as juicy or tasty. You should consider sharing a bigger steak or taking the rest home before ordering a thin little steak. Perfect weight listed under each cut for guidance.
  • Medium Rare is the way to eat a steak. If you haven’t tried it that way, please do.


Chicken Wings — 7.50 €  (6 pcs)  /  13.50 €  (12 pcs)
Choose between Mild, Hot and Napalm (crazy hot).  Served with blue cheese dip and carrots.

Micke's Buffalo Style Wings — 8.00 €  (6 pcs)  /  14.50 €  (12 pcs)
Served with blue cheese dip and carrots.

Chicken Strips — 7.00 €  (small)  /  12.50 €  (large)
Buttermilk fried chicken strips served with a side of honey-mustard sauce.

Deep Fried Pickles — 6.00 €

Hand Cut Fries — 5.00 €  V

Chili Con Carne Fries — 9.00 €

Steak and Cheese Fries — 17.00 €


Caesar Salad — 7.00 €
Romaine hearts, homemade Caesar dressing, croutons and Parmesan cheese.

Spinach Salad — 8.00 €  V
Homemade vinaigrette, sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.

+   Pimp your salad!

Anchovies — 2.00 €
3 Chicken Strips — 6.50 €
6 Chicken Wings — 6.50 €
Grilled Chicken — 7.00 €
Putenbrust — 6.50 €
Steak (200g) — 16.00 €


BLAT — 9.50 €
Bacon1,2, lettuce, avocado, tomato and chipotle mayo, served on rye bread.

Club Sandwich — 10.00 €
A delicious classic. This double-decker is outfitted with our specially spiced, house-roasted turkey breast, bacon1,2, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Homemade pickles on the side.

Steak and Cheese Sandwich — 17.00 €
200g thinly sliced ribeye steak cooked with sweet peppers, mushrooms and grilled onions, served with Swiss cheese on a baguette.

Chopped Cheese — 15.00 €
Double burger smashed with cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mayo on long bread.

K-Rod Crispy Chicken Deluxe — 16.00 €
Buttermilk fried chicken breast served on a kaiser roll with bacon1,2, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and chipotle mayo. Served with fries.

Grilled Chicken Deluxe — 16.00 €
Freshly grilled chicken breast with bacon1,2, Swiss cheese, Salsa Verde, lettuce and tomato on a kaiser roll. Served with fries. Veggie option available.

The Dessert

New York Cheesecake — 6.00 € / slice
Homemade with the freshest ingredients using Mama’s secret recipe!  One warning though, they sell out really fast!

P.S. The Bird accepts Cash, EC cards, Visa and Mastercard. All prices in EURO.
* 1) Preservatives;     2) Flavor Enhancer;    V) Vegetarian



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Call us at 040/7566 2333, or drop by in person to Trommelstr. 4, St Pauli, 20359 Hamburg.
(S Reeperbahn)

Looking for a job? We are looking for the best people in Hamburg for kitchen and floor. If you can work hard and play hard email us at:

Gutscheine/Gift vouchers

A perfect gift... treat your friend, family member or a colleague with The Bird voucher. #PayNowEatLater

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For bookings of more than 12 people, or if booking tool is not available, please call the restaurant directly at 040/7566 2333.


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Company name:

The Bird in Hamburg GmbH

Trommelstr 4, St Pauli, 20359 Hamburg

040 7566 2333

040 7421 4234


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118469 Hamburg

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